OP Financial Group

OP Financial Group is Finland's largest financial services group. It provides its customers with the best loyalty benefits and the most extensive and diversified range of banking, investment and insurance services. The Group has three business segments: Banking, Life Insurance, and Wealth Management.

The Group is made up of some 180 independent member cooperative banks and OP Cooperative which they own, including its subsidiaries and closely related companies. Group's operations are based on the cooperative principle - cooperation and sharing the fruits of success with everyone. OP's mission is to promote the sustainable prosperity, safety and wellbeing of their owner-members, customers and operating regions. Our long-term customer-centred approach also enables continuous renewal. We develop our services and products to meet our customers' needs.

Group Member Banks

The member cooperative banks of the OP Financial Group are independent, local deposit banks that are engaged in retail banking. There are some 180 member cooperative banks, their operational area covering the whole of Finland. Corresponding retail banking operations in the Greater Helsinki area are the province of the OP Financial Group's wholly-owned subsidiary Helsinki OP Bank Plc.

The banks offer modern and competitive banking services to household customers, small and medium-sized corporate customers, agricultural and forestry customers and to the public sector in their area of operations.

Membership is a distinctive feature of the cooperative bank customer relationship. Owner-membership offers a chance to participate in the bank's administration and decision-making. This gives members a say in promoting the entire locality's business life and well-being. In addition, owner-membership brings benefits for doing the bulk of one's banking with a member cooperative bank.

The banks have the corporate form of a cooperative, in which the basic values underlying decision-making include the one member, one vote principle. A person can become an owner-member of a cooperative bank by paying a cooperative contribution. The members, who are primarily private individuals, elect from amongst their number their own bank's administrative staff.

Cooperative bank federations

Cooperative bank federations are member's regional cooperation bodies. There are 16 federations, taking the form of registered associations. The federations nominate their candidates for the OP Cooperative Supervisory Board.



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