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The Rabobank Group is a leading and sustainable financial institution. With its roots in The Netherlands, the Rabobank Group has grown in recent decades into an international financial services provider that has activities in the field of banking, asset management, leasing, insurance and real estate.

As a co-operative, Rabobank is not a shareholder-driven company, but instead puts the interests and ambitions of its customers and members first. Our co-operative identity stems back to the early 20th Century when farmers united financially as Raiffeisen and Agricultural Co-operative Banks. The Local Member Rabobanks continue to be the collective owner of Rabobank to this day. Rabobank Nederland supports the Local Member Banks and oversees the subsidiaries and affiliated companies. With nearly two million members, Rabobank is one of the Netherlands’ largest co-operatives. The members not only benefit from banking and non-banking advantages, they also have the opportunity have their say in discussions concerning the bank’s direction.

The independent Local Member Rabobanks form a finely meshed network of banks in the Netherlands. Local Member Rabobanks serve millions of Dutch retail and wholesale customers with a comprehensive range of financial services. Rabobank is market leader in nearly all customer and product segments, from youth and start-ups to mortgages and corporate enterprises.

Rabobank can rightfully be called a group because the organisation comprises both the Local Member Rabobanks and Rabobank Nederland as well as subsidiaries such as lease company, De Lage Landen, and real estate company, Rabo Real Estate.

In order to be able to provide customers with service and support beyond Dutch borders, Rabobank has become more and more international over the years. Rabobank International aspires to gain a worldwide position as the leading food and agri bank. In line with this ambition, Rabobank is committed to making a strong contribution to such important issues as food safety and food security.

Rabobank is one of the world’s most creditworthy and sound banks. Measured according to Tier 1 capital, the Rabobank Group is also one of the world’s largest financial institutions. All rating agencies continue to give Rabobank high ratings.



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