Raiffeisen Schweiz

The third-largest banking group in Switzerland, Raiffeisen is one of Switzerlands leading retail banks. More than 3.7 million Swiss residents are Raiffeisen clients, of which 1.8 million are co-operative members and therefore co-owners of their Raiffeisen bank. They value the crucial advantages Raiffeisen brings: client proximity, empathy, trustworthiness and the exclusive advantages for co-operative members.

The Raiffeisen Group consists of the 316 co-operatively structured Raiffeisen banks with 1,063 branches, the Raiffeisen Switzerland co-operative (formerly the Swiss Union of Raiffeisen Banks) and the group’s companies (Notenstein Privatbank etc.).

Close to customers

Raiffeisen is present throughout Switzerland and has the densest banking network. One in every three bank buildings bears a red Raiffeisen logo. Raiffeisen is thus always close to its customers. Raiffeisen employees know not only their customers but also the local market. This enables competent and quick decisions to be made on the spot.

Regionally established

Raiffeisen banks operate within a clearly defined and comprehensible business area and thus support the local economy. Savings from the region are invested back into the region in the form of mortgages and other loans. Raiffeisen banks are attractive employers. As tax payers, they allow the region to have a part in their economic success. And as sponsors, they enable cultural and sporting activities to take place in the region.

Competent network

When required, Raiffeisen advisors can count on the knowledge of competent partner companies which guarantee its customers comprehensive, professional advice and care under one roof.

Raiffeisen Switzerland

The legally autonomous Raiffeisen banks are amalgamated into the Raiffeisen Switzerland co-operative, which has its head office in St. Gallen. Raiffeisen Switzerland is responsible for strategic management and risk controlling for the entire Raiffeisen Group. It coordinates the group’s activities, creates the framework conditions for the business activities of the local Raiffeisen banks and provides them with advice and support when necessary. Raiffeisen Swizerland is also organised as a co-operative and a subsidiary of the Raiffeisen banks. The delegates’ assembly is the highest body of Raiffeisen Switzerland. Representatives of the Raiffeisen banks are appointed by the regional associations as delegates.

Mutual liability and strict checks

Raiffeisen banks are independent co-operatives with limited profit distribution and individual responsibility for building equity. It is not only the Raiffeisen bank but also Raiffeisen Switzerland that is liable for the obligations of each individual Raiffeisen bank. Raiffeisen Switzerland and the individual Raiffeisen banks are subject to the strict control mechanisms put in place by the Swiss Federal Banking Commission and are liable to internal and external audits.

High security

The Swiss Raiffeisen banks have existed for over 100 years and neither a member nor a customer has ever come to any harm: reserve liability has never had to be made use of. The high level of security is recognised by the ‘Aa3’ rating given to Raiffeisen Switzerland, by the renowned rating agency, Moody’s, making it one of the best rated banks in the country.


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