Who we are

Located in Brussels, the heart of Europe, Unico is a privileged network for international banking activities for its eight members. One of the successful elements of the co-operation is that the institutions share the same principles and philosophy. They all are co-operative banks.

Such co-operation is based on three pillars:

  • exchanging strategic views;
  • sharing expertise and experience, and
  • offering each other business opportunities.

Since being established in 1977, the group has evolved into a close and renowned alliance for the benefit of its members and customers alike.  

With more than 125 million clients, the Unico banks are among the most important players on the European banking and insurance scene. The group's members are leaders in their respective markets covering a wide range of financial services from retail and corporate banking to investment and merchant banking. The link between them is a shared co-operative background, which means that they are oriented towards customer value by tradition and culture. Each individual organisation pursues its own strategy domestically and internationally. However, there is a clear desire to co-operate with like-minded and equally reputable financial organisations.

On a project basis, the co-operation is sometimes extended to outside parties in order to better serve the clients. UniCash, the group’s international cash management service, consists of 27 partners covering 25 countries in Europe and the United States.

The eight Unico members are: Banco Cooperativo Español (Spain), Crédit Agricole S.A. (France), DZ BANK (Germany), ICCREA Holding (Italy), OP Financial Group (Finland), Rabobank (The Netherlands), Raiffeisen Bank International (Austria) and Raiffeisen Schweiz (Switzerland).